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Meet Phil Tullis and Deborah McDaniel

I was born and raised in Houma, LA. When they say "down the bayou;" that's down the bayou.  Pure Cajun country.  About 60 miles west of New Orleans and 90 miles due south of Baton Rouge.  I grew up around the oil and gas industry, the seafood business, and Sugar Cane farming.  I attended an all-boys Catholic school, later LSU and Nicholls State. I majored in Finance and Economics. My mother was pure Cajun and she and her family (she had seven brothers) all spoke French.  My father, a Petroleum Engineer, was in charge of Directional Drilling operations for Marathon Oil in the Gulf.

My professional background is in the financial services sector. I have been a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for almost 40 years specializing in retirement, estate, and business succession planning. 

Deborah is a native Texan.  She was born and raised in Forth Worth and went to Paschal High School and graduated from Texas Wesleyan in Accounting.  Before obtaining her CPA (her professional background) designation, she managed two restaurants in Forth Worth.  One was The Shrimp Bucket, the other was Beefeaters. 

Deborah has had a long career in accounting with roles as a CPA, Auditor and her own financial planning business. 

T-Jonny's Seafood and Cajun Market will sell organic seafood without additives or chemicals.  While most people of our generation don't usually ask a restaurant or retail supplier "where is the product from," we sincerely believe the succeeding generations are very health conscious in this regard.  They are the GMO, gluten-free generation and want to know how the food they are eating was produced and where it originated from.  We want our customers to know where their food is coming from and what they are eating, and clearly don't mind taking a stand and educating our customers on the unhealthy, chemical and antibiotic laden products that are coming from Asia and elsewhere. Seafood is becoming an ever increasing protein supplement and we want it to be the best and healthiest that can be provided.


Address: 5409 Colleyville Blvd. Colleyville, Texas 76034

Telephone: coming soon

Meet Donna Brown 

Five years ago, my husband and I wanted to bring a family friendly restaurant to Colleyville. We looked at several options but fell in love with Menchie’s frozen yogurt. We thought the product was superior and enjoyed the experience of going into a Menchie’s. Each guest is welcomed in with “Hi, welcome to Menchie’s.” Several flavors are offered which include vegan, dairy free, and gluten free options. Coming into Menchie’s you will have the choice of 14 flavors of frozen yogurt. We encourage sampling before you grab your cup. Once you fill your cup you have over 50 toppings to select from including nuts, granola, fresh fruit, and sauces.


My favorite mix is Irish Mint froyo with peanuts, chopped Reese’s, and hot fudge.  We also make custom cakes in house with our frozen yogurt. My favorite cake is Mookie’s Cookie & Cream cake.

When I am not at Menchie’s, I enjoy sewing quilts, reading, and playing board games. My husband Bill and I will be married 37 years this December. We have 6 girls and 2 boys, and 6 grandchildren. We feel very blessed to be part of Colleyville and we hope to see you soon.

Address: 4709 Colleyville Blvd Ste 520, Colleyville, TX 76034

(817) 485-1111

 Meet Tom and Ying Aikens


Ying was born in Beijing and moved to America where she got her Masters degree, attained her CPA license and eventually began pursuing her passion of cooking. She eventually began a catering business which evolved into her restaurant, Next Bistro. Tom became enamored with wine in his early sales career through entertaining clients across the country. Tom joined Ying at Next following his retirement to follow his passion of wine. 

At Next Bistro everything is made from scratch. Ying is very 'ingredient driven.' Freshness and quality are her 2 hallmarks. Whether preparing seafood, meat or vegetables, or her house-made desserts, they are all made with the same care, concern and attention to detail. Next is passionate about creating dishes that are delicious and memorable. One of Ying's most popular dishes is "The Cedar Plank Salmon" and has been on the menu since they first opened. The menu is constantly changing so that our guests are always asking 'What's Next?'

Address: 5003 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, TX 76034

Telephone: (682) 325-4046

cottage pie (1).jpg
Reuben (1).jpg
 Meet Barry and Charlotte Tate


Barry Tate was born in Wichita Falls, Texas and grew up in London. Barry opened The London Tavern on Greenville Avenue in Dallas in the early 1990s and in 1995 founded The Londoner in Addison.


Charlotte, Barry's daughter was born in London and moved to Dallas in elementary school. She has a BA from UNC- Chapel Hill and a JD from University of Texas. Charlotte works as an attorney and also handles the business side of operations and enjoys planning events, including the afternoon teas.


In 2013, Barry and Charlotte opened The Londoner in Colleyville on Hwy 26 and then moved to the new location in 2019. Tate says, "Every piece in the building was handpicked by Barry over a period of the last few years, to give the most authentic pub feel possible. We are proud of the gorgeous pub we created and even more proud to be in the process of creating the most gorgeous patio in town"! Guest favorites include: Fish & Chips, Scotch Eggs, Reuben sandwich, Sticky toffee pudding, Wings and Cottage Pie. Charlotte's Favorite: Pan seared salmon and Barry's favorite: Cottage Pie

Address: 5120 State Highway 121, Colleyville, TX 76034

Telephone: (817) 684-8810

 Meet David Oun


Being born in a family that specializes in the restaurant industry, I moved around constantly. I was born in New York, raised in Taiwan, went to elementary school in Oklahoma, and have been in Texas since middle school. I went on to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. Go Longhorns!

I chose Colleyville to be the home of Mother Clucker because it reminds me of the small towns I grew up in. Colleyville is different than some of the cities in the DFW area where the hustle and bustle of the city made everyone strangers. Here everyone knows everyone and the community is a wonderful family.

Always being around food, people, and family. That was the premise for starting Mother Clucker. Creating a place where people could gather with their friends and family and enjoy good food. I set out to create something that has never been seen before. Starting with fresh jumbo chicken tenders which are marinated in a secret blend, hand breaded and battered and made to order. Then you get to choose  from 8 different types of fries and 7 different sauces. Ending the meal with the State Fair Desserts we all know and love, from Fried Oreos to Funnel Cake, and everything else in between. I set out to have a place that I would be happy and proud to call my own.

I chose the name Mother Clucker because I wanted something to grab people’s attention and make them smile. Every time I say it to customers or strangers, I get an eye brow raises and a little chuckle. I love seeing the enthusiasm when kids tell their parents “I want to go to Mother Clucker!”

Address: 7171 Colleyville Blvd Suite 109 Colleyville, Texas 76034

Telephone: 817-527-6390

Meet Scott and Ellen Choi

I was born outside Seoul Korea, and my family moved to Alaska when I was 13. While I was learning English and playing soccer in Alaska, one thing that was always constant in my life was the restaurant business. You could say that restaurant ownership is in my blood, because my parents, three uncles and my sister have all owned restaurants at some point in their lives. After I married Ellen, we lived briefly in California before settling in Washington State, where we started our own Asian restaurant. Ellen, a sculpture artist with a Master's Degree in Fine Arts, also left Korea to pursue the American dream, and met me in the process.


After my mother retired from the restaurant business, she gave me many of her secret sauce recipes, which I used in my restaurant in Bremerton, Washington  and now at Honey Teriyaki in Colleyville. We make 17 sauces from scratch weekly, and we use more honey than sugar (70/30) in many of these sauces.  Since opening Honey Teriyaki on March 15, 2018, our customers favorite dishes have been the chicken teriyaki, cali bowl and the gyoza bowl. I hope you can come visit us soon!


4712 Colleyville Blvd Ste 120, Colleyville, TX 76034

Telephone: 817-576-2225

Blueberry Smoothie
Meet Kylie and Santiago Ramirez

I’m Kylie Ramirez and I grew up in Euless and graduated from Trinity High School. My husband, Santiago is from Los Angeles and I moved there after dating for a while. Santiago is quite a cook and is very health conscious. Years ago, he tried a 5 day juice cleanse and decided to juice on his own.  He loved it so much, he ended up running a very small juice business from our home.

We moved back to Texas 2 years ago searching for the perfect place to raise our small family that also embodied our healthy lifestyle and found that in Colleyville. Santiago was recovering from rotator cuff surgery and a debilitating back injury for over 2 years. While debating on what to do during his rehabilitation, we looked for a local cold press juice bar in Colleyville. Lo and behold there wasn’t one close by, so we decided to open one up in Colleyville.


Now, we are on a journey to get him back in shape and do what we are passionate about, which is creating fantastic juices and foods that others can enjoy. We chose to bring 100 % organic, fresh, pressed in-house juice to our community and with the "American Dream" spirit we are doing it all ourselves, from the remodel to running the business. We are a true small, local, family owned business. We hope to open early November.

Address: 1101 Cheek Sparger Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034

Telephone: (817) 684-8810

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